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Super Special_Monday 28/06/21

Butternut Pumpkin

--- Only $2.00 each ---

The health benefits of butternut squash include preventing constipation, improving eyesight, keeping the bones strong, protecting the skin, boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, managing diabetes, supporting good lung health.

Butternut squash (Scientific name: Cucurbita moschata) is otherwise known as gramma or butternut pumpkin in New Zealand and Australia. It is kind of “winter squash”, which has a nutty and sweet flavour similar to a pumpkin. The skin of butternut squash is yellow while the inner flesh is orange and pulpy. Once it is ripe, the orange flesh turns even deeper and is richer as well as sweeter in taste. Even though butternut squash is a fruit, it is often used as a vegetable while cooking. It can be toasted, roasted, mashed, and pureed.

So enjoy our Butternut delivered FRESH AND FREE to your door

Special starts Monday 28th and finishes Friday 2nd.


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