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Super Special_Tuesday 15/06/21

Mandarins - 1kg Bag

--- Only $2.00 each ---

The Imperial Mandarin is a popular citrus variety that originates in Australia. A large evergreen shrub to small tree that produces fragrant creamy-white flowers followed

by medium-sized orange fruit with a fine, smooth, glossy golden-orange skin that tends to look “puffy”. It has a very sweet, orange coloured flesh with several seeds.

Since the skin is easy to peel and the flesh is delightfully juicy and strong-scented it’s a favourite with children. They are the first mandarins to be picked each season and

are perfect eaten on their own, as a healthy snack, for lunchboxes, or in desserts.

As always we do not compromise on quality with any of our Mid Western Fresh specials.

So enjoy our Mandarins delivered FRESH AND FREE to your door.

Special starts Tuesday 15th and finishes Friday 18th


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